Tying loose ends

September 7, 2018

Summer is over and now I await my favourite time of the year when the sun is just warm enough not to wear a coat and the colours, smells and efforts you are seeing in mother nature symbolise a preparing for the winter to come and the new year. Tying loose ends.

I used most part of the summer break “tying up loose ends” myself. Over the years of our life we create a lot of unfinished business, some due to external circumstances, sometimes because we feel its not the right time to do it straight away. Sometimes we are simply afraid in facing the devil and hope it will pass miraculously and we will wake up the next day and its gone. Its not. And the burden carrying it along robs our energy and impacts our mind and thoughts. Keeps us off doing the stuff we should do instead. It can be as simple as administrative paperwork our as difficult as a postponed conversation with a person once closed to our heart, or as in our case, saying goodbye to a place and a house we once loved, going through endless boxes of removal goods that had been left unopened. When doing the clearance, you facing once again the emotions, the past, the memories and you keep wondering how you could have left it “unfinished” for such a long time. Then you realise that you have moved on, life has moved on and all it requires is to close the chapter, to bring it to an end. When done, its like a burden has been removed and all you keep are the lessons and experiences that make life sometimes hard and yet so colour- and beautiful.

I want to encourage you to look at your “loose ends”, your “unfinished business” and bring it to and end. The freedom & peace you gain, will free the energy for the challenges and tasks ahead.


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