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Executive Coaching for Teams

If you aren’t already sure which service you would like to book, we love to start with an anonymous survey on the subject you contacted us.


Anonymous surveys have the beauty that employees address issues mostly direct, and we get clarity on what we need to work. We work with a Swiss company who assures us a guarantee of anonymity.

In a next step we work out the results for you, which can come as a report or presented in a workshop to seniors and/or the team. First actionable and measurable targets can be derived.

HOGAN or LINC Personal Assessment

In a third step we like to drill deeper with individual team members assessing their personality. People’s personality drives their behavior, drives team performance. Assessments results will be given individually and for the team, once again workshops generally lead to discoveries and actions.

Executive Coaching

Lastly, we coach individuals in subsequent sessions on their areas of development.

During all the process we offer a continuous dialogue with you to assure we can adjust or correct when necessary. Of course, all steps can be booked individually, and you do not have to commit yourself from start to finish.

Your mission is our passion.


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Executive Coaching for Individuals

The work we do with individuals happens often at different stages of their careers. When they craft their first years, increasing responsibilities as competence leaders or shifting from competence to people leaders, and at a later stage, when the why and the how of leadership throws up obstacles. Some of these obstacles are measurable in performance, revenues, or soft skills like 360’s or psychometric tests.

Lately, we do work with CEO’s or senior leaders who must master their leadership over various generations in their work force.

Define your status quo (Past & Present)

If not already clear, we help you finetuning your coaching goals. As with all individuals we start with an personal assessment (Hogan or LINC) on the status quo, your personality, knowledge & skills etc., in other words, what got you, to where you are now.

Evaluate the Future

Lets evaluate where you would like to be and find the missing puzzles pieces we start together to work on. Spiced with our expert knowledge as people’s leader we connect strong business acumen with the newest coaching tools. We want you to succeed, so we do not only want to support you, we hold you accountable all along the way.

Periods of change are key moments, they are fierce at the beginning, sometimes messy in the middle and yet they are beautiful at the end if you decide to walk the walk.

Your success is our goal.


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Other Services


Book a package on the latest Personal Assessment and Evaluation Tools

LINC Assessment + Feedback - certified LINC Personality Profiler Coach/Trainer 

HOGAN Assessment (certified) + Feedback on (HPI, HPS, MVPI, HBRI, Raven APM)

LVI (Kaiser Leadership Versatility Index certified) + Feedback on 360 degrees reports


Ask us for sessions on Communication, Conflict resolution, Culture building 

Recruitment/Development/Competence Mapping

Helping you to develop the best job descriptions covering the competencies you need, with a subsequent evaluation of candidates. (Oral Feedback or Report) 

Strategic Planning

We walked the talk. Our consulting isn't just grey theory. We combine a strong business acumen with personal skills and intuition.


Sharing knowledge, skills and experience to help you progress


Developing & executing tailor-made, anonymous team surveys

Your need is our service.


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