Moderation sucks

May 12, 2019

Last week I couldn’t but overhear a conversation on the train about diet, exercise & lifestyle. After everybody had exchanged what they do and believe, and maybe to settle for consensus, all agreed on:

“Everything in moderation”, is the way to live life.

I would disagree. Interesting thought as it is, and very appealing to most people as it can be bend like a hazelnut bush.

What exactly does moderate imply? Drink alcohol moderately. Eat red meat moderately. Take financial risk moderately. Exercise moderately on a daily basis. Really? Isn’t moderation a cheap excuse for having it like you want and get the justification right delivered with it. For some, a bottle of red a night is moderate.
But who is setting the benchmark? And would you want to be moderately successful, or have a moderately successful marriage?

Here is my opinion. We live in the Western world in a world of abundance, there isn’t a shortage. Our moderation is in excess of what our ancestor could only dream of. 
In most cases “moderate” is of no use to you. For bad habits in particular it’s the path to hell as most likely you are going to exceed moderate ever too often. 
If there is something in your life you think you should be more moderate on, may I humbly suggest, give it up completely. It is most probably easier and will have the better result long term. The pain is much harder to begin with, like cold turkey, but once through, you come out stronger. No pain, no gain.
If your current mental state doesn’t allow you to give it up, well, at least enjoy it fully, with all your heart, soul and mind, with all the consequences and flaws.
The opposite of moderation is obsession. Obsession about something you love, a passion. Whatever it is you want to do you wouldn’t stop before you have it. Build a business, meditate, hit the gym, read more books, acquire more knowledge. Obsession breeds excellence, Moderation breeds average and mediocrity. Interesting to hear your thoughts.

I know what I wish for you. Go and be great!


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