"The difference"

September 23, 2018

“The difference” (Part 2)
Last week I wrote about how “the number” https://www.michaelschmeja.com/blog/the-number/ determines the thinking. How, in my example, the whole year had been dominated by the announcement on one particular day. While “the number” has been a good example for the financial industry, it could be easily exchanged for any goal in one’s life.

 So, what makes “the difference”?
When the eyes are solely on the prize we lose the focus on the journey. Additionally, the prize is never necessarily guaranteed. We can’t be always sure we reach the target as too many variables might have an impact. What we do have control over is, how we are when we do what we do. Everyday we can learn a bit more, meet new people, solve a problem in a different way. Everyday, when we live in the present moment we can work towards who we want to become. That, other then the prize is in your control!
A personal example would be my trail running. The race is the goal, but when I set out the target I don’t know what will happen on race day. Will I be healthy, will I struggle with the weather, with hydration, with food, and so on. However, I do have control over the many training days to the race and when I am not fooling myself in practice (important!) I will end up being a better and faster runner. And eventually I will reach my race target, maybe in another race.

To sum up, rather than looking outwardly and giving your power away to other people and circumstances, look inwardly and ask yourself, who do I need to become, what traits do I need to develop, who can I serve with my skills and become the best in my field. If you aren’t fooling yourself, somebody will take notice and “the number” will magically follow.


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